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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainy Days

So, apparently a cyclone is going to hit this weekend. What?  I grew up in Tornado Alley.. and somehow, looking back, it seemed easier.. you just ran like hell for cover when the sky looked funky or the siren blew. But this… the anticipation of watching the news, and the yes, no, yes, no, maybe, yes… the cyclone turns so much and seems so unpredictable, yet scary enough that you want to be prepared. Am I? No. I didnt buy my masking tape yet, I havent made sure the flashlights are working yet. Ugh. Good news.. Im still half packed in the bags of important documents from the Tsunami warning the other week.. guess sometimes its good to be not so efficient in unpacking, right?

Anyway, rain and wind. Its all there is. A few rays of sunshine in between it all. But its days like this, when work is so slow due to this weather that all you can wish is that you were either of these two photos…. cuz it looks so inviting.



All day, I imagined I was either of these two critters, cuz I knew with the rain, the dog would be kicking back relaxing and my cat, well with the wind, she would be eyes open watching everything… but chilling.

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JEZ said...

That cyclone musta hit cause ur behind on your blog! HAHA. Hope ur safe and dry.