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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its come true

So, after many wishes on anything, I mean ANYTHING which could remotely bring me the least little bit of luck.. its happened. After a 9 year process… I now am guaranteed that I can stay in this country, for good.


So, I celebrated this weekend by sleeping as much as I could. You dont realize how much stress & strain 9 years of uncertainty, worry, money dripping to each facet of life.. how it all drains you. Much less that your in your 30’s and apparently this is when I should be having a savings acct, know my life plan… etc.

Shit.. any money went straight towards my future. Immediately. And so, now, NOW, I can save for things. And be secure in the contentment that Im here. No need to rush anywhere else.

Do the jiggy-jig dance for me. Its a celebration y’all. This weekend.


GooChick said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you.

JEZ said...

OMG! Michele, that's wonderful! I mean, I'm sad we've lost ya for good but so happy that you and your Mom can remain on the same continent. YAY! Have a drink on me. CONGRATS!!!