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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, I have been waiting for some documents to come thru since NOVEMBER 2009.  Last year. Yep. There was a hiccup with some of the stuff, which proceeded in a wonderful panic attack for me and analysing my whole entire fate and all that jazz. There was probably a few new wrinkles, or stress lines added as well due to the pressure that was lurking from the wait time.

Well, I have feel as if I have a connection with the people on the phone line at ***-***-**** in the USA.  I have called so many times I know the automated voice in my sleep.. I can hear her telling which number to press to get me where.

I know the office hours of the department. I know the same 5 people who work there, handling the issue. I have even had in depth conversations with a few of them (ass-kissing, brownie points, in depth.. all the same).

So, I knew the documents would be sent on 10 March, according to Charlie at said department. Its been pissing down rain each day, and I couldnt have these documents getting wet. I also couldnt have them torn or damaged due to the postal system, so already with this added stress, I rushed home everyday to check the mailbox. I felt as if it was my birthday coming up, and I was turning 9 again, waiting to collect my goodies at the mailbox.

Each day. Nothing. I knew it was too soon, but still, I could not risk letting it sit there in the rain.  Today, I ran to the mailbox. I saw the normal folded up mail, a magazine, some junk mail, and a folded manilla envelope. It had to be it, right? But if it wasnt, I didnt know if I was ready to deal with waiting another day.

I waited til I got to my house to open it. I flipped it open fully and there it was.. return address just as I wished…


Hooray.. now its on to the next stage in this process which seems to be taking its toll on me. When this is all done, and that sweet residency stamp is in my passport, I think as much I want to party it up, I probably will sleep for days due to mental exhaustion.

How much does the FBI spend to send my 1 sheet of paper which I have waited so so long for?


Yep, a whopping $1.24.

At least now the next stage can begin. Yippee. As for me, Im off to bed, I think I have danced around the house in happiness enough tonight to finally wear myself out and hit the sheets.

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JEZ said...

CONGRATS! YAY! PARTY! Does this mean the residency will be yours? Or is there still more waiting? I'm so happy for you!!!