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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh my…

You know Jello.. its that lovely stuff from your childhood and brings back memories galore. In fact, you probably still use it to this day!

So apparently life is tough. Its so tough that a couple in their late 60’s in the good ol state of New York bought some boxes of Jello. 4 to be exact.

They emptied them.

They filled them with sand & salt.

The returned them to the store.

YEP. to the store.

For a refund.

Which, is about total dollars…. under $5.00 for the 4 boxes.. or right there abouts. Except now they also get charges against them for petit larceny & tampering with a consumer product.  Lets hope the judge is stern.

Sad isnt it. Stupid is as stupid does. At least go for something a bit more pricey.

1 comment:

JEZ said...

Why the salt and not just the sand? Surely they at some point had to purchase the salt so they really weren't saving as much as they initially thought. In my household we call such people Assclowns.