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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sippy Creek Animal Refuge Centre

For the six weeks or so i have been "recruiting" for donations for my local animal shelter. This animal shelter is a NON EUTHANAISA shelter. Simply, it means they do not put down the animals. Great! However, because of this, they sometimes have to turn animals away as they have no room to shelter them.
Anyway, distracting from my point~ so i was on a mission to get friends, family, and ANYONE to donate money, towels, food, toys, etc for the dogs & cats at the centre. Not really a big task, a few hours out of my really, but as i was tired, and i had already been running around everywhere with my life, visitors, work, etc it felt good to do something postive. So, i sent an email out giving simple instructions, what was required for a donation, the date of final dropoffs, etc. Once it appeared at my place, i would have a week to sort thru the stuff and see what we were short of & then i would purchase extra items and i would drop it off at the shelter.

My reason for doing all this? Well, i care about the animals, and i obv can not take in every cat i see or fall to bits over... i think the work the shelter does is amazing and i feel that the right thing do in life is help those who can not speak for themselves. So, i organize a donation drop off spot and get it to the centre.

As appreciative as i was and am for the donations that were received, we are doing another run in June.. more details to come. I have been instructed that i didnt remind people of the dates, etc.. ( i didnt want to harass or embarass anyone, and really, lets take some responsibilty for ourselves... i have heaps going on in life too..) but alas, thats ok, i have now been given strict instructions to harass them on the next one (beware to those of you!).

The shelter volunteers were so grateful of our donations, congrats to all of you that contributed! Great work and love spread around! Your actions go without words to describe the love you have for those animals. You have each touched many hearts in your contributions and efforts. Thank you again.

In the wonderful world of blogging, i reach out to the rest of you.... next time you see a drop off bin at the supermarket, or drive by your local shelter... donate. How about if you did a letter drop in your street and YOU were the drop off spot and YOU took the goods to the animal shelter? Some people would love to donate, but simply dont have time to take the goods there, you can help! Come on people, lets make this a proactive year... help the animals. If we all did a little bit in our own neighborhood, could we make a change? I DARE YOU!

If anyone needs help organizing or some donation ideas... let me know. If you feel it in your heart to donate somewhere.. let me know.. or if you have donated recently, drop a comment too!

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