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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Beginning to the End of my Privacy?

So as i sit here to do my first blog...

i have wanted to do this blog thing for so long

  • i am addicted to these blogs... i can spend forever reading others blogs
  • i love to see what intrigues people to write, comment, or just post
  • is this blog for me? my friends? my family? the strangers who might become friends?
  • is it some sort of process which i need to do, to get back in touch with me again?
  • i am nervous, what if no one reads this thing?
  • i am petrified that my words could be taken the wrong way and offend
  • i am anxious to "detail" my life
  • oh goodness, what if my life isnt thrilling?
  • what happens if i dont know what to write?

Hopefully it gets better.. at the moment i am still trying to learn all these cool things and tricks... stay tuned, theres more to come!~

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Anonymous said...

send tilda to US, also see no request for "the garden of good and evil" People who know the devine ms M, send her the book or video please....aunti O