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Monday, March 17, 2008

Showing some love

I came home one day to find that my backyard had been manicured! It was great, and such a nice suprise. Sometimes i seem to get so busy doing all sorts of varied tasks, important or not, but they distract me from other things. Every now and then when my life seems to get very hectic, a certain someone feels a bit bad at seeing me run around with my head cut off.. so she, oh lets give her a name... TILDA we will call her, yes, Tilda is a fitting name for her. Tilda comes to my rescue and does nice little things for me when i get stressed, busy, tired, or just looking like i might kill someone... so, Tilda resuced my garden and gave it a bit of a tidy job... and left me with this.... isnt it gorgeous? I came home to a heart in the garden...touching.

My only problem is this~ I am currently away from my home for a bit (lets call it a bit of a business trip, shall we?) and i am wondering how my heart will look after two weeks of not being tidy? Funny comment that, isnt it.. an untidy heart.. ha!

Anyway, enjoy my heart, i spread the love onto you! Thanks again Tilda.

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful blog! Love the heart, whomever did that for you must really be sending you lots of love every moment of your life. You write very well and i find it very interesting. I too share your thoughts. Happy Blogging Enjoy what life offers you, every moment counts. I think you should go to New Zealand when you get a break and take Tilda with you!