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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Herb Peterson "All Cracked Up" at 89

The inventor of the Egg McMuffin has died! Wow, he came up with the idea in 1972 as a way to introduce breakfast to the McDonald's menu... bet they are happy they gave him a job huh?
Never really thoguht of it before, but of course someone had to invent the Egg McMuffin. Just didnt know Herb Peterson did it. I sure hope he made a ton of money from that one.

Just think how many Egg McMuffins must be sold in a day, in most countries? Damn, thats alot isnt it? I sat and thought about the last few times i was wandering by a McDonalds and all the people who happened to be eating a McMuffin while i was walking thru...

  • the kids in the soccer jerseys
  • the "ladies" having a morning gossip session
  • the crew of oldies waiting for the bowls session to begin
  • the teenagers dressed like they hate themselves
  • the hungover people wishing those babies would stop screaming

In being honest, I must say that i do remember those Egg McMuffin's tasting much better many years ago. Then again, I couldnt tell you the last time i had McDonalds.. oh wait, i tell a lie.. the last time i had anything it was an ice cream sundae (one for me one for champagne sally) this past summer, and before that, it was on the way to the Kite Festival when Joanie came to visit.

Heres the question tho that really needs to be answered: So, did the Bacon Egg McMuffin or the Sausage Egg McMuffin idea come first?

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