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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blah 2

A wonderful long weekend is over! 4 days off is just not enough sometimes is it? I had some friends over for drinks on thursday night, and friday was coffee with Champagne Sally and LE, which turned into a walk to the beach and then random bits of doing this and that. I was busy making my goodies on friday night, which were to go to Lady Elaine's house with me. Precious Lady Elaine had invited me to her family's easter lunch on Saturday. I was instructed to NOT bring anything, but you know me.. just cant be done like that... so off i went to make little treats for lunch at Lady Elaine's.
I worked my little bum off making these little treats, which i have nicknamed "CHICKS ON ACID" they were actually really cute, sort of a deviled egg thing. I have a photo, but haven't uploaded it yet.. give it time folks! Anyway, its an american recipe, and i forgot, in a momentary lapse of better judgement that the EGGS ARE SMALLER here than the USA... so, once you look at the photo (to come) you can see where "CHICKS ON ACID" has come from. Suprisingly, they all got eaten, and apparently they were really good. I dont eat deviled eggs, so they werent my thing, but i was asked for the recipe!
I also made a "PARTY BALL" which, for whatever reason did NOT turn out to be ball form.. i have my own conclusions on that one, but not important. Well, needless to say, no ball for the outcome, more of a square pattern ... what was i to do? well, quite simply, i was to thank my luck stars that i had purchased one of those little dip platters from GONE BONKERS and all was fine in my world again. My friends, in fact my very dear precious friends, we can call them "HG" & "FG" have heaps of great stuff at that store. And yes, I do have to control myself when shopping there, its like a "great wonderland of BARGAINS" to be had! Anyway, the days events were interesting, i was amazed to watch as an outsider the different familiy dynamics that occured (compared to my own Dysfunction Junction Family Episodes).
I appreciated being invited to Lady Elaine's for Easter, the thought was very nice. Maybe she felt obligated as well? Who knows...
The next day consisted of coffee with The Boys promptly at 9 am, who were doing me a favour anyway by having a particular piece of photo paper and keeping me from making the mad dash into town. As always, a coffee chat with The Boys always proves to be entertaining and full of laughs. Anyway, i have had enough of the Easter dribble... i had a great two final days, having great chats & laughs with friends and enjoying my time, esp since i didnt have to work! Yippee. Anyway, as i write this, i sit at work, and to be brutally honest, im over all this. I just want to go home and venture into my nice haven of environment and not deal with THIS. So, on the upside of things, my life of technology is back soon (yes, i will have full access to internet to upload photos and do quick little blogs instead of these monster stories).
Ciao for now.

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