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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Snipet before I crash into lala land...

Key notes to be elaborated later:
  • Fire Alarm @ 4:27 am prompted a dash down the stairs to the parking lot to see my fellow hotellers... this also prompted a change from my sexy striped flannel pants to other clothes following the thought of "do I really want to take the risk of having THIS be my only clothes available for the plane ride back?". I would mention why we had a fire alarm, but lets say that due to strict NCIS regulations... I cant. All was well and we were let back in the hotel at 5 am.

  • While attending a night out: ran into my Marine boys... who told me that our hotel WAS on fire. Sat and drank and drank and drank. Returned back to the hotel and had to check with reception to see if our room was accessible. Received phone call from the boys and continued with the festivities until the next morning. See full story of THIS ACTUAL fire alarm here:,22884,23682842-3462,00.html

  • Went to Mt Wellington, which if I remember correctly is 12000 metres above sea level. Cold Windy Gorgeous

(Mt Wellington, Hobart Tasmania)

  • Discovered that Hobartians can NOT park in a parking lot... especially trying to reverse park. Many laughs over this! Provided great entertainment for free! Also discovered strange things happen in the parking lots in Hobart.. here is just one of the oddities... they just stopped and practiced and then left.

  • Went to Richmond and saw this fantastic bridge. Had a great road trip with Tilda.

  • Loved that the trees were changing colors this time of year. I havent seen the leaves change on a tree for the last 7 years. Magical! Loved the sound of the leaves and the smell of the leaves... i even ran like a little girl again thru the leaves.

  • USS Tarawa arrived the same night we did. They werent allowed to be off the ship until Saturday morning. It was great to have the Americans around us, hearing the "accent" and watching all the sights that all seemed so normal to us, but so often so foreign to the Australians. I found something that was missing in me again.. and I have 3 very special Marines (you MUST say Marines in a deep voice) to thank for it. Great chuckles, stories, past moments, crossed paths, and so forth. Who would of thought i could have hooked up with the SUPER educated "N" from PA who studied at ST Olaf's and spoke Norweigian to me, with "S" the Italian Stallion from NY whose sweetness and intent for love melted my heart, and then the great "J" who grew up on a farm from PA who keeps creeping into my mind and bringing a smile back to my face by just being him (as well as the translator of MANY many many stories). Oh, and Random Cal for the beer, all because I was American. All the boys were great, nice to be around well mannered people again, fun times telling jokes, sharing, questions, etc. Although, on a ship with 3000, those particular 3 will forever remain in my heart.

(USS TARAWA, berthed in Hobart)

  • Ventured to the Musuem to see Mr Naughty's donation box which he created years ago. Found out it is "off the premises" due to people trying to steal it, and it broke due to the coins weights. Turns out it was series of 3 hands and as you drop the coins in one hand, it goes to the next. Sounded neat, every person who was behind a desk knew the artist and the piece. Had to deliver the crushing news to Mr Naughty, which with his procession of days as of recent.. my timing was a bit off.
  • Saw heaps of woman prancing around trying to get laid by the sailors & marines.
  • Heard the sailors & marines tell them they stunk of BO, only wanted food and beer, etc. Of course, I gave them advice.. "dont pay for it, they put out in this country for free.. might have to buy them a beer if anything". Later, when chatting to different sailors & marines I heard my VALUABLE advice being told around the table. I received many thanks for days on that advice...
  • Saw an amazing landscape of colors, hills, rocks, flowers, etc everywhere we ventured.
  • Spent great time with Tilda. Laughing. Talking. Being Silly. Being Serious. Memories. Playing. Walking.
  • Picnic with Tilda for Mother's Day
  • Late nights.
  • Lots of fun
  • Great memories and stories

I really should get my ass to bed, its been a fantastic trip and i loved every minute of it. I have to work in the morning... back to the reality. I'm sure tomorrow my co-workers will hear little bits of chuckling going on as i think of those little moments over the last few days.

Oh, Tilda... she bundled up pretty well, wore the toe socks, was the first to crank the heat in the room, and she found it to be a bit chilly...but she survived!


Anonymous said...

I think you must already be in lala land - mt wellington is around 1200 m above sea level- Mt Everest is only around 8800m. You'd at least have a nosebleed in your photo, and maybe some yaks in the background. haha

InALittleMinute said...

Ah! thats funny..lets go on the theory that i was testing everyone to see how well they read the blog... kudos my gorgeous friend!

besides, whats an extra 0 anyway? opps!