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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eight Belles

(photo courtesy of USA TODAY)

Click the link. Its super important. Peta needs your help. Eight Belles, a filly who participated in the Kuntucky Derby collapsed and both her front ankles snapped. Because of this, "she was eunthanized in the dirt where she lay, the latest victim of the dirty business of thoroughbred racing." (Ingrid Newkirk 2008)

"Eight Belles' death is yet another reminder that horses are raced when they are so young that their bones have not properly formed, and they are often raced on surfaces that are too hard for thier bones- like the hard track at Churchill Downs. Eight Belles' jockey whipped her mercilessly as she came down the final stretch. Trainers, owners, and jockets are driven by the desire to make money, and the horses suffer teribbly for it." (Ingrid Newkirk 2008)

There are even tapes of the trainer, named LARRY JONES saying that his horse "ran the race of here life," "she was glad to do it." Let's hope the Lexington Herald-Leader puts that on the front page so LARRY JONES can be crucified in public. How honestly can a horse be glad to give their life and tirelessly run so that the ankles snap, all for a photo in the paper and the trainer and all the investors, jockeys, etc reap the rewards? Are you f**kin kidding me? Thats insane to think that.

Please, I beg you, contact Peta, help activate the awareness of the horrendous acts brought on animals in the racing industry. I urge you to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. And, if you stumble upon Larry Jones the trainer of Eight Belles could you kindly whoop his ass for me... i will owe you one for the arrogant bastard. May he be whipped and beaten senslessly with the karma so rightly deserved.
Here is the article posted in the USA Today... great info on PETA's demands for the racing industry.

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