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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Mystery Man

Awhile back there was road construction on the road which i take to work everyday. It seemed that no matter what time you planned on leaving to not get stuck in traffic, the theory was a wash. Somedays the construction crew would make you sit for 20 minutes while they moved a particular machine across this two lane road. Other times, the would be doing nothing on the road, but rather out in the field and didnt want anyone to access the road. Somedays I really didnt care, afterall, I was just on my way to work.

It seems that after some point in magical time, you begin to wave to others on your way to work. These people are travelling the road the same time as you everyday, and you become to feel a bit of a family... among strangers. When the road construction put all of us at a halt, we would stare at each other in our cars and watch what was occuring. Some people ate breakfast, some read the paper, some chatted on the phone, some picked their nose (ugh!) and some just sat there looking blank. I usually could be seen drinking my Orange Juice and singing along to my music rather loudly (it wakes me up, what can I say?).

I then began to somehow get mixed into a different crowd a people on my construction waiting list. To be honest, it might have had something to do with my getting up later and later each morning. I became to dread having to look at the frumpy lady who was some sort of cross dressing rooster caught up in an ugly storm whose biggest mission was to stand there for hours on end holding a "STOP- GO" sign. She was miserable. She didnt smile, she wouldnt wave, plus i noticed a few times where I began to vomit at this time in the morning (pre 7 am or just slightly 7ish) when she would flirt with the boys driving the semi trucks thru or on the road construction crew. Do you remember the OOMPA LOOMPAs? Now, I know the Oompa's are male gender.. but this woman could have passed for male. UG-AH-LEE~

Personally, the Oompas are cute when doing the dance and song...but do i want to stare at in the morning? Not really.

Oh, apologies, I have strayed from the topic point. So, as I sit in the row of cars and we begin to proceed like little hamsters being freed from the cages, I would often pass this man in oncoming traffic who drove an older truck, with a canvas top on it (much like that of a landscaper's truck, with space to put plants and things). It seemed he would always spot me and smile, stick his tongue out, or jump up and down. I at first thought he was some psycho man who had some illness and forgot to take his pills. Do you know what its like to see a man make the "Gene Simmons" tongue action at you so early in the morning? For many mornings this occured, months in fact... I have not a clue who this is.

Time went on. I hadnt seen the man in the truck for a long time. Maybe he began to stalk someone, maybe he killed someone (his truck looked a bit creepy to me) Maybe just maybe he found someone else to "gesture" to in the mornings? I was curious as to why me? My car isnt exactly rare, but somehow he always knew when i was there.

To my suprise the other morning, my man has returned. I didnt get a weird gesture, or a head shake, or a tongue "lashing"... instead, he put his hand out the window (yes, I gasped for a moment and thought he was going to kill me) and waved. Who is this man? Does he know me? Mistaken Identity? Is he cute? Single? Why does he single me out?

Bizarre. If I ever go missing, please drive my normal work routine anytime between 6:45 am and 7:05 am... you will find him....

Yet, it seems odd that it brought a smile to face to see my "admirer" again. If only I knew who he was...

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Anonymous said...

maybe he is from the band KISS and you don't recognize him without his makeup???? check out his car license number,,never know when you may run into a cop that would run it for you.