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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Im going to the tip of Australia.. well damn near tip anyway!

I heading out for an adventure to Tasmania. Hobart to be exact. (did you hear the music to the 'beverly hillbillies' playing to that sentence then?). Tilda and I are venturing there for a few days. I dont know what the net service will be like, or if i will be too busy seeing all the wonderful things and capturing the culture to be concerned with blogging. So, apologies in advance if i dont update until mid next week. How will you all survive?

It's going to be cold. Its pretty damn close to the Antartica Region as i prob will ever EVER get too... simply put, I am bringing the MN winter jacket.. a scarf... 3 hats (yes, 1 of them has those ear flaps AND a little ball that shakes when i wobble my head back and forth. Mom reckons i look like a German Militant. I reckon its a fun hat.. when i shake my head. Im not sure how far the ball on top moves, but i certainly have fun being a dill). I am bringing toe socks. I even had mom buy toe socks.

Mom is going to freeze. Im sure someone will dob me in for bringing her to a place that is that damn cold. Tilda doesnt do well in cold. In fact, Tilda doesnt, never has, and prob never will enjoy the cold. I really dont mind it. When i was a child, Tilda was horrible in snow sports with me. She never really enjoyed the skiing thing, the skating thing, the sledding thing. Wait, thats not a fair comment... she enjoyed it, she just froze her little bits completely off! She was a trooper tho and hung in for as long as she possibly could. Give her credit!

So when i leave for work in the mornings, remember its coming into our winter here... well.. when i leave home at 7am.. the temp gauge says 17 degrees (celcius).. which pretty much stays that temp for a few minutes until i drive away from the coast.. then it hits to about 10 or 11 degrees. THIS IS 7 AM where i live. Where i am going, the HIGH TEMP is supp to be 17 degrees... all i know for you farenheit folks that somewhere between 50-64 degrees is the temp HIGH. the low should be about 30. THATS BLOODY COLD for a woman who has lived in the tropics for the last 7 years.

Heres hoping the MN girl comes back and i survive the bloody strong winds and the cold weather! And now if you will all pray for a moment for Tilda... Lord, give her warmth...

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Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to tanzania.... please post a picture of a giraffe when you return. It shouldn't be that cold this time of year...well anytime of year. Have a good time