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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Princess & Monster Party

What a busy weekend...activities on friday.. great to catch up and see people whom I havent caught up with during the past 6 months! Wow, time flies!

Also attended a Princess & Monster Party... have a look at the photos. It was a great birthday party, although some of kids were scared when the men entered the room as monsters... so some of the monster costumes were worn ONLY for a short time.

I went as a Fairy Princess complete with wings and a wand. My wings had glitter on them, and lets just say the glitter is everywhere! Even Miss Monroe had glitter on her today yet (the phrase, "your ass really sparkles" came true for her today!)

Its always fun to dance, party, laugh, chit-chat, and enjoy the day. I cant believe it but the Princess & Monster party went for over 9 hours! Geez!

Another great weekend, and fightin the urge to realize that tomorrow is Monday... ah sweet sweet Monday. Back to the routine.

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend as well.


Beth said...

ahhhh, what fun! and I LOVE the face!!!! chocolate??

InALittleMinute said...

Chocolate it is! Adorable!