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Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 Jan 2009

Last night we had tickets to a free movie... and so did EVERYONE else. No seats available. Kindly, the sponsor gave us tickets to a different movie.

We had 2 options: Yesman OR Marley & Me

First answer from our mouths... "not a big Jim Carey fan"

Which helped us decide: Marley & Me
We went to the other theater and sat down. I informed Firestick J that this was a movie about a dog. To this she replied 'your kidding right?' Firestick J isnt exactly an animal lover. She likes animals, but she doesnt adore them like I do.

The movie turned out to be great. I had no plans to see the movie, but with free tickets.. well, hell, anything free really, its a go. I am glad I went, until about 20 minutes to the end of the movie when the tears rolled down my face. Gushing actually.
Firestick J gave me shit about crying.. I always cry in movies. BUT I ESPECIALLY cry when an animal is involved. I wasnt the only one in the theater crying. You could hear the lady behind me trying to hold back, but for a moment there she sounded like a squeaky chair or a whining puppy. Let the tears roll lady!
Then, to my amazement, I look over at Firestick J to see her eyes filled,.... yes, FILLED with tears. I couldnt help but shout out " Holy Shit!" and point. I would have put money on the fact that she would not have cried. She would have been the last one to cry over a DOG MOVIE.
Thank goodness i didnt bet. All we could do is laugh (and it was a serious part in the movie as well). She had been sprung, but I think she amazed herself even.
So, after all that crying and sadness whats a girl to do? Well, you run straight to hungry jacks (aka Burger King in the USA) for dinner, beg the underage worker for 2 crowns, and laugh and the locals eating there. Then, you drive around town looking for the new diggs of our old neighbor. We couldnt find her place. Didnt want to call, we were really just being nosy people.
Good times. Great movie: highly recommend it- but beware, bring tissues!


Tilda said...

oh my! My two little "princesses" out on the town! Look out Australia! Looks like another fun eventful evening.

Beth said...

Love the crowns!!! Every woman needs a crown.

and there is no way in hell I will ever see that movie. I read the book, and LOST. IT. I cannot do that in a theater!!!