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National Geographic Photo of the Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its a step for all of us...

Its strange to look at this photo. I can close my eyes and imagine all the excitement, adrenalin, and faith people who are THERE at the Lincoln Memorial must have at the moment they stare and listen to our new President.

A new President always brings hope, faith, excitement, possibilites... so many feelings and thoughts. Some good, some bad... for now, we will just stay on the positive side of things....

So many ideals and promises. An immediate trust in the hope that tomorrow might be a better day.

And for him? Hes probably anxious to be able to take a nap some afternoon, quietly, looking over the lawn of the White House and let the last few months settle in.

Ah.. but one other thing why its strange to look at this photo... ? Its on these steps many years ago when I was proposed to.

Lets hope the nation has better luck than the engagement did.

(You should be smiling and having a little giggle now. If not, please do.)

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Beth said...

god I love that man.