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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Australia Day

Tomorrow we celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY! Its a great day off where eveyone seems to get together and have a BBQ, go for a swim,

watch the parade, attend a thong throwing contest (aka flip flop throwing contest), the dunny races (aka portable potties), awards go out for the volunteer of the year, etc.....

and then theres the cane toad race:

This year our local contendersare:

Nimble Phil

Skinny Dipper

Fearless Fiona

Bob the Bruiser

Vivacious Vivienne

Somlyay's Surprise

Elmer Thud

Desperate Deborah

Waffling Warren

Big Mac

Grand Garry

Beefcake Brian

Marauding Mavis

Cyclone Shirl

The IGA Sanction

King Benny

Cow Cockey

The Northshore Hippie

Gentleman George

Durrie Dunker

Some of the names are based on local town councillors or "celebrities" of the area. As much as I would love to say I can tell you who the winner will be, I wont be attending the race- I see enough cane toads jumping thru Ma & Pa Kettles backyard on any given day. Just kidding, I see them in my driveway as well!

On a funny note: You know what the green tree frog looks like right? Well, Firestick J is HIGHLY scared of the green frogs. She doesnt mind the cane toad tho... yuck... i would rather see a green frog than a cane toad (he can make a dog froth at the mouth if eaten!). Ah the phobias... now snakes and spiders are my phobias... totally justifiable!

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