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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Mixed Emotions... Sweet Emotions.... Who knows

So Im preparing to leave for my trip back to the USA soon. Its odd whats happening to my emotions.  Some times I feel all excited to go back and see everyone.  Some times I feel as if I dont want to leave HERE, its my HOME.. and all things over there feel so foreign to me.  I dont remember how to use the pump at the gas (not petrol....)station... I will be one of those people every one will be frustrated at while I figure it out again for the first time.  I will be the person saying, "No, I dont remember how to get to your house." And they get all upset having to give me directions again.  All I want to do is say to them.. "sorry, do you know how to get to my house?" No.. so be patient with me. Its not where I live anymore... its not my daily surroundings... please treat me with kindness. 

Which leads me to a whole 'nother side: the hestiation. When I call people 'back home' everyone is so busy.. so scattered trying to squeeze everything in. Will anyone just want to sit and chat? Or will they be too busy on their phones organizing tomorrow, all while Im still there.. waiting to converse with them?  All so busy, I wonder if anyone really , I MEAN REALLY, takes life in and appreciates it anymore?  Why do I say this? Because its normal American behavior... to be BUSY BUSY BUSY... and I USED to be like that... until I discovered that there is another side to life.. You can be busy.. but you also need to take time for the important things.... I've learned that since living here. And, not only have I learned that, but I have learned how to IMPLEMENT that into practice.

I am excited... Im thrilled to see a few people who Im anxiously waiting to see.  I almost get giddy when I think of seeing some of my family and my grandma... I feel like Im 5 years old again, the excitement running thru.  And, Im anxious to shop again.... just to wander... to try things on.. to purchase NON BEACH wear! 

Driving here there and everywhere is only happening for a few days.. for a few important things. Im okay with that.. it will be nice to see the country side of Good Ol Minnesota... I miss that scenery. 

Im going to meet a bunch of kids from a daycare centre who I have become a sort of penpal with.  Its a huge trek for me to do it (I know.. its only 3 hours from where Im staying.. but come on... its 3 there.. 3 back... a day there to visit.. so basically 2 bloody days out of my trip).

Many people have offered to come and visit me.. to COME TO ME.. wow! I have some great friends! The desire to catch up with them is unreal.... and it makes it so special for my short time home. 

So, Im excited... anxious... nervous... scared... and once I get over a few little possible bumps in my stay (thanks dad...) hoepfully all things will be good. Im sure it will....  its got to be.

But yeah, using the credit card machine is way different in different countries... getting use to walking on the OTHER side of the sidewalk again without running into people.... the petrol pump.. err... gas pump... going in to buy an item and not seeing anything that looks familiar... please be patient... Im home.. but oh such a foreigner....


GooChick said...

Will this be a visit, or are you moving back to MN?

JEZ said...

I can't wait! And I am all yours when you are with me. In fact if you don't mind changing all the baby diapers and waiting on my princess of a daughter, I won't be busy at all. HAHA! Kiddin' of course. We will sit and chat my friend (cousin) and nothing more. If people can't make time to see you, then eff 'em. And you will do just fine with directions and petrol pumps. It'll all come back to you!!!! Holla if you need help! I am here for you :)

InALittleMinute said...

GooChick: just a visit... a really short visit...

Jez: I cant wait to see you either!!!! And, yeah, I will pass on the diapers... been a long time since Ive changed one of those, not sure you would trust the 'leakage' factor! Thanks for your help.. you never know what sort of phone call I might end up ringing about... !

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time, my dear friend. you will be sorely missed here, but I'll take solace in the fact that you'll be enjoying catching up with your friends and family over there. But mind you don't forget your adopted family here -we'd be bereft without your company. 3 weeks is a bloody long time!

Tilda said...

You'll do just fine..enjoy all the experiences. Its a great reminder being there of truly what's important in life. Seems like you've found that already:-) Have a great trip!