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Sunday, July 17, 2011


so ive arrived in MN, and cant help but be amazed by all the green... the trees, the lawns, everything is so lush.  I had forgotten just how lush that mn green is. Gorgeous.  I also forgot how damn cute that MN accent is... although a few times I thought was somewhere in the Ozarks when listening to people, there have been a few times I couldnt help but chuckle at the accent.  Now I understand why jules gets that little girl giggle if I say a certain word... because this morning, the lady behind the counter was dressed in her Hilton Outfit... hair tied back, looking all professional and grown up. I asked a question, received an answer, and then she kept chatting.... and when she said the word BEFOREHAND, I had to stop myself from giggling... i cant describe how she said it, or what it sounded it like, but it was very enunciated and said in three parts.  Too cute.  So far, thats the top of my morning.  I havent headed out shopping yet.. teh damn shuttle only leaves at 10:20... its only 9 now...and Im ready to go. ugh.Anticipation....

So, Ive met with my ex.. you knew that right?  Its been alright.. although a few things have really tweaked my head. I guess you forgot sometimes how much you know about someone when you live with them.  We lived together for awhile, and apparently he still remembers some of my 'better qualities'.  When I walked in to the hotel room, about 5 minutes later he asks if its clean enough. I state 'yeah, dont you think so?" He replies with, "you used to always check the drain and tub for hair and how clean it is... do you still do that?'  Really, thats what he remembers about me.  We go out to dinner and have a mongolian bbq... and they serve you a chicken wing on a side plate as a standard part of your meal.  I offer mine to him, as its just not my thing.  He says to me, " you still dont like to eat things off the bone, huh? still just eat chicken breasts not wings ?" 

Oh the things people remember about you.  So basically, he remembers that hygiene is extremely important to me, and that Im not one of those people who will just gnaw into my food... more of a delicate sort of gal I guess.  Just thought it was funny the things you remember of people from your past.

Well, time for another coffee, and to try to put my 10 pounds of lollies for everyone into a different bag... and some other things in the luggage... it will be so nice to get to Gram's place and put my clothes out... and not ahve to dig for my stuff between the cords, the coffee, the shoes.... etc. 

Well, only an hour to go now before I get onto that shuttle to take me shopping! fingers crossed.... Im looking to shop til I drop!  I have to back here at the hotel until 430, so the plan of attack is to get there, grab a directory, grab some brekky, and sort out my stores.. however, all taht could change depending which store they drop me off at ... and Macy's is having a 30-80 percent off sale today only... :)  One happy Michele... wait, is there a Macy's there?


Tilda said...

My assumption is that cannabalism is totally out for you since eating off the bone is not a quality that you shall we talk pork chops??

Now that you're in the states remember to check for bedbugs too! That'd be much worse problem than hair in the drain..You make me laugh. thank you. all i can say today is...GO TWINS!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from Down Under!!Hope you're having a wonderful time with your family and friends in the States.Meanwhile, your Aussie family misses you very much.We have all had a vodka/cranberry to celebrate your birthday.


Fran, Michael, Ella, Tony and Noody xxxx

Anonymous said...

oh where or where has my daughter gone? oh where oh where can she be? ....