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Friday, July 15, 2011

days to chill

i have arrived in LAX with my few days to chill, and suddenly tonight I look at the clock, and its time to head out tomorrow. I should really be in bed already, but thats not happening... oh well.  I have had a great time here in LAX just chilling out and catching up on sleep, recovering from jet lag.  My hotel was super clean, has a pool, free brekky, nice staff, and a Denny's connected to it. 

My first time to Dennys was like I had never walked into one before. The waiter came up to me 3 times to take my order.... will the photos it should have been simple to find something. But, I couldnt... I was engulfed in reading all the different options for my eating adventure.  There was a burger with : bacon, cheese, a sauce, 2 patties, lettuce, onion, etc... served with chips... and then there was the chicken drizzeled in some sauce, served with some veggies... sounds normal, but to read the descriptions while i looked at teh photos my stomach began to cramp thinking there was no way it was ready for american food yet. You know.. item A slapped with this and that and for an extra dollar amount i could it smothered in a variety of sauces, and it comes with options of salad or chips... it was all too much. In the end, I just choose a burger with bacon and cheese. Sounded simple. But, I did order cheese sauce for my chips! I couldnt finish it all.. and it seemed to worry my waiter.  In being fair, when I walked in I thought I had entered into a Overeaters Anonymous group.. holy shit.... massive people that evening;... maybe that helped in not wanting to finish my meal? certainly an experience.

my trip here was great. I made it on business class with Virgin Australia... felt like a princess. even had Richard Branson 3 seats away from me. Hows that for an escort? Nice huh? he was very friendly, and accomadated EVERYONE who asked him for a photo.. i reckon at least 100 people approached him.  Poor guy cant get a minute to himself really- except when he goes to the bathroom... which he seemed to escape to on a regular basis... fair enough.  Business class was amazing.. I had my own bed laid down, and the attendant made the bed for me.. complete with a little mattress thing, blanket and pajamas (which are really really comfy by the way).  The stars on the cabin ceiling in the evening were a nice touch. And the bar was a good spot to go and stand for a bit and catch up with a few people.  Only met one idiot who was a complete waste of space... he was cut off by the staff on the drinks, he was just obnoxious.. and babbled on and on about his girlfriend who works for virgin and got him a cheap ticket and she met Branson the night before and he was very jealous, so he was lingereing by the bar so taht he could meet him as well. somehow he has dual citizenship with america and canada and australia... hes from vancouver orginally but lives in brisbane.. dickhead. im sure his girlfriend is a winner too... if she still has a job after his incident on the plane.  Funny thing was, he was trying to brag to me and another guy at the bar who were on standby tickets too, so werent all that jealous... just glad we werent him!  He ended up interrupting bransons breakfast to introduce himself and made more of a dick of himself.  Felt bad that peolple couldnt just respect the businessman and let him enjoy a bit of brekky..but he was a champion, he said hello, let them say their peace...and then posed for a photo... all while the coffee went colder.

so tomorrow Im off to MN... let the next stage begin... Oh, and I cant get my hotmail to work all that great, so im not sending an email, but Im letting some important people in my life know something.. as great as your loyalty is, I watched 3 episodes tonight of True Blood... thank goodness for HBO in the hotel... and nothing else was on... so you can feel free to know that my pretty eyes have seen 1-3... so feel free to do your thing at The Haven..... and thanks for your loyalty.. but go ahead and watch it.. its good!  Hope your all well. Miss ya.

Oh, forgot.. the hotel room Im staying in was where Howard Huges and Jane Russell stayed when they filmed the movie The Outlaw.  Dont know when that was.. will have to research that a bit. But, the hotel is loaded with history of celebs from back when teh days of acting were actually acting.  Ive been having some weird dreams as well, and Im assuming thats due to some pretty good stories of history this hotel has seen.  Oh if the walls and the pool could talk! I wonder how many times Marilyn would have ventured here? Afterall, the hotel was built in 1953, so you can imagine what it would have been like in its hayday. 

alright.. i have to settle my bum and get to bed. Early start tomorrow, to linger in teh airport until my flight in the morning.  Such fun. My backpack is loaded with 10 bloody pounds of lollies for my luggage was over the domestic limit... so i figure if it gets really bad, i can just break out the lollies. 

Oh, last thing.. i knew I was home when I heard a mother at the baggage carousel say to her child 'your really starting to piss me off, just shut up and settle down".... ah... parents who can control their children.. havent seen a lot of that in the few years in Australia... HAHAHA.  The airport wasnt riddled with unruly children acting up.. oh wait.. there was a few, but they were all tourists, and most probably off my Australian flight. LOL.

Night... sweet dreams.

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Tilda said...

have a safe flight! Thanks for the great blog. You are truly missed by all your loved ones, here and there! So visit there and GET BACK HERE! WE MISS YOU!