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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Weekend

The weekend is slowly... SLOWLY approaching! And Im highly looking forward to it. Not much planned, actually nothing is in concrete. Im hoping its kind of the weekend where I can just do as I wish or not do as Im expected, more to the point.

I have a few possibilities of working... as in my new business which Im hoping will take off and be very profitable. But, like anything, I go gung-ho into it, and so want it to work.. the passion takes over.... and Im looking forward to a successful business, but it takes work, and hard work.. lots of effort. And after working all week, and then trying to things during the 'down time' in the evenings, and then bits here and there on the weekend... and it has to be done. Nothing successful was ever gained & retained by it just lumping itself in your lap.

My ideal plans for the weekend, might include going ice skating before they close up the rink and return it to its normal roller skate arena.. and I think I might rent the entire season 1 & 2 of Big Bang Theory and lock everyone out for the weekend.  In between moping, laundry, etc....

Whats your plans for the weekend? Are you filled to the max with appointments, schedules, running here & there or are you going to rejuvenate a bit and chill out like me?

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