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Friday, April 08, 2011

Hairy Toes

As a female, I hate looking down at peoples feet and seeing hair on their toes... everyone.. but ESPECIALLY women. Its gross. Even if its blonde hair, you can see the hair bush blowing in the wind.. ewww. Ick. Nasty. Not acceptable people.  Ever.

I shave my toes just to make sure Im not in that ewww Ick Nasty Not acceptable phase... in fact, if I had to pick just one of the next tasks before heading out in public with my feet showing (ex: wearing thongs/sandals) I woul rather have clean shaven toes before toe nail polish. Simply, no matter how pretty your toenails are painted, if you have the hairy toe monster showing, its gross ~ ewwww Ick Nasty Not acceptable!

Anyway, I woke up this morning in sheer panic.  I had a dream that I had long toe hair. First thing I did this morning while having a coffee was to inspect my toes and make sure they were hair free.

Whew!  Good to know it was only a nightmare and not a case of real life incidents~!  Dont forget to shave people... no one likes to braid your toes.

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GooChick said...

I totally agree with you! I don't even like seeing overly hairy man-toes, but it is more culturally accepted, I guess. I've been shaving my toes for years, but I have a friend who plucks hers. Now that sounds painful!