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Monday, April 18, 2011


so i was supp to be here, and writing to all of you in blog world (all 5 of you that regularly read).. adn I just lost my blog enthusiasm~ maybe because suddenly a large amount of blogs that I normally read or wander thru have turned into some sort of babies thing... nothing against kids or little babies.. but to hear about someone lactating or oozing out creme like substance from their navel... its not for me.  To top it off, I was saddened that somewhere along the line goes another one... you know.. cuz they have kids now, they will be hanging with the kids sections..... and the blogs will become kids only, and kid friendly, and other mothers will be on there, and kids photos will now be precedent... you get the idea.

Then ... you know when friends say "when I start dating, I will never be one of those friends who goes and abandons all their friends for a guy."  Its happened. Again. And it makes me cringe that its happening. Nothing you can do.... just sit back and watch your friend be whisked away.. Im not jealous, serious. But when every waking moment is inundated with HIM... and the only time said friend is available is when HE is working or hanging with the boys or visiting his parents for the weekend... suddenly, your on the list of 'see-ables'. Shits me. And to be honest, Im contemplating the idea of ditching the friend all together. Ive had enough of this shit.

Actually, Ive had enough of most of the shit. Im tired of peoples crap.... Over It Honey. So there you go, thats why I havent written.  Give me a few more days... I will be back in action... just waiting for life to play this game with me, rather than against me.

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