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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Opps.. I think Im drooling on myself

OH MY GOODNESS... Limited Edition? Damn it, it probably means its not coming to Australia... but Pop Tarts... LOVE EM.... Pumpkin Pie? LOVE EM... together.. OH MY!~!!!!!

Wonder if there is anyone back in the US I could scam to send some this way?  Or, maybe one of those bloggers who USE to live in OZ and is now back in the US would be up for a trade?????? See, I could trade you some cheesy vegemite or weetbix or something? 

Ok, now I just sound desperate.  But, in all seriousness... has anyone tried these?


JEZ said...

I haven't seen them yet, but will keep an eye out. I'm not much of a POP TART person, so they very well could be on the shelves. If not, I'll send you a bucket for that drool ;-)

Anonymous said...

why don't they make a cheese and vegemite poptart for the Aussie market?Instant cheese toastie, what a great idea.Do they make any savoury ones, or are they all sweet fillings?