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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 10 years

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Today would have seen me celebrating my 10 year anniversary IF I had gotten hitched all those years ago.  Its a day I guess I always remember -  spent a lot of time preparing for the big day and planning to spend my life with someone.  That obviously didnt happen the way it was scheduled.

I do find some rather odd humor in the photo all this years later… Who would have thought that visiting The Great Divide would turn out to be the perfect headline later on!

(I should not be laughing, but I cant help it.. sorry)

I dont have any regrets over not attending my own damn wedding. Honestly.  I think about how my life could be different had I gone thru with the wedding, but Im not sure it would be something that I would have liked. 

You can never know what you missed out on.

But, I do know that I have had a great experience and journey over the last 10 years, much that would not have been able to be done had I been married.  I guess I have enjoyed the last 10 years, and I have really gotten to know me – Who I Am – What I Stand For – What I Desire -  

I cant imagine now being married at such a young age. There was so much to learn in my later 20’s that I couldnt have learned about myself had I been married. How could I have learned those things? Impossible. When you share your life with someone, you take on their stuff, their responsibilities..and the 2 of you learn to become a couple.  The reality was that I was still learning what it was that was ME.

I have always wished my ex well in life. And he has moved on as well. He now has a new bride, some kids, and settled into his life I guess. My path has been very different. Still single, no kids, and not settling for just anyone.

So, congrats to me.. on 10 years of a very smart decision. I am very proud that I had the courage that day to end that stage of my journey. To hand back the ring and all it stood for – so that I could stand for what I have become. 


GooChick said...

Bravo! Somehow life always turns out how it should.

P.S. Soooo agree with you, I didn't start thinking -- really THINKING -- and knowing myself until I was about 30.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether the Wolf Creek sign above is also significant...
not suggesting for a moment that you're a serial killer!haha

InALittleMinute said...

@ Anon: HAHAHA...I never took much notice of the Wolf Creek Pass sign until you mentioned it! Now the photo is SO much more hilarious than it was before!


JEZ said...

At least you aren't blogging about the 9 year anniversary of your divorce! HA!

I don't know if getting to know yourself is always a good thing though. It makes those relationships later in life harder because you spent so much time investing in yourself that you refuse to let go of any of it and it creates issues.

Wow...I think I feel my own blog materializing here...LOL! Love you tons and am VERY proud of that decision you made 10 years ago. PS: Still haven't found your POP TARTS.