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Friday, September 10, 2010

Back Soon

We will resume our normal scheduled programming shortly.

I dont know.. been busy.. tired, anxious, exhausted, frustrated, joyous, insane, and a bit lazy.

Go figure.

I have also had some personal issues with family, and as much as I have wanted to write about it here, I just cant... my luck it would be the ONE fucking time they decide to see what Im up to. And then WWIII would start, and really, I dont have the desire or the energy to deal with it anymore.  Basically, I have handled it my own way, and Im relatively (get the pun) okay with that. I prefer to deal with things head on and let people know what my issue is with them, as I would prefer they deal with me in that way as well. But, sometimes, in order to keep the peace or just let the situation die.. its better to deal with it as you choose. And really, they are so self-involved anyway, I doubt they would one bit understand or try to see my side of the situation. So tough shit. Be done with it, right? Then why do I still have this built up anger about it?  Just need to find a different avenue to let it go!

My knees are acting up again, the change in weather isnt really helping. Neither was my over-indulgence in that damn dinosaur ellipitical thing. That certainly didnt help. I felt all guilty, and was feeling my chubby bits one day and decided that yeah, go for it, get back on it and do it. Bad choice.. the next day my knees let me know that they were not strong enough for that sort of torture. I guess I should have listened to my Italian Stallion aka physio.  Got it now. Lesson Learned. Loud & Clear.

Top it off, i hate that my annoying neighbors have renewed their lease. I mean, I really hate it. They hate living here, and Im not sure why they choose to live here ANOTHER year. Damn stupid people. I will have to look at ways to 'assist' in the current surroundings there.... maybe some louder music to counteract her constant door slamming? As one of them are music teachers, they really REALLY seem to hate it when I play music... doesnt matter what it is - Jack Johnson, Eagles, Pantera, Meditation... you name it, she goes into instant crazy bitch. In fact, she does that a lot. No matter what.  So, I guess shes just a crazy bitch.  I will have to find fun little ways to torment them.  Last year, as they were just married and supp to be in  some wedded bliss state, they seemed to fight constantly. And thats all i could here. The reasoning of SHUT YOUR DAMN WINDOW when screaming at each other and throwing tantys... they just couldnt see the sense in it.. so they let eveyone know they were miserable. I admit it... it was me who flooded their mailbox with divorce info as well as random business cards of counsellors. Counsellors leave their business cards EVERYWHERE in ANY business.. so they were easy to come by.. I might have to try some sort of technique like that again soon.

What else? Im doing alright, just not wanting to indulge in other peoples shit. And yet its there. Oh well. Thats life.

Relationship? Well, the 'newer' guy is back from his 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off job thing. Im sure we will catch up while hes home.. we have plans to.. but typical man style.. he will call me when he arrives back here (tomorrow I think?) and then we will sort the details out. Apparently, its a woman  thing to PLAN.. or I just seem to get really busy.. so I NEED to plan.. and yeah, I am a control freak.. so lets not venture that path tonight.  I am in contact with someone else as well. Thats just in the email stages of things. He has a kid.. 1 years old... so I need to get some more info on whether or not he really is single or if he is in the 'separated' stage with the kids mom. Makes a big difference to me.  But so far, he seems nice.  Oh, and  54 yr old man wanted to 'know more about me' (its one of the options on the  dating website). 54 ... so I wonder if while Im busy at work all day would he be home cooking and cleaning and such? and of course, 2 more Indians showed interest.... I double checked that my profile doesnt state.. LOOKING FOR OLDER MEN.. or INDIANS ONLY APPLY.. .. and it seem pretty normal and straight forward..but somehow I must be on the hot list for these particular groups. Funny stuff.

Hey, what do you know? We resumed back to normal programming!

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