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Monday, December 14, 2009

Slack. Slap Me Silly

Okay, so I have been a bit slack in the blog life lately. I have been so busy.. with life around me. But, here is a snippet of whats been happening..


There were Christmas trays to prepare and send off to Melbourne, and deliver to friends & our fav business’


Then there was the Adopt-A-Family Christmas hamper of food & presents which need to be wrapped and delivered to the drop off spot…



End result:  Here are the presents all wrapped and stuffed inside a giant santa sack!


And here is the food all ready for a wonderful couple to devour!


Then, there were the 100 Christmas cards I needed to send for the organization I volunteer for. I thought it would be such a breeze, told them I would take them home, and print off the saying on my computer, but guess what… my HP printer isnt a fan of the glitter on the front of the cards, so each one had to be hand written. Lucky me huh? Thankfully, the girls at our last meeting helped with addressing the envelopes, stamps, and such… almost done. The rest are being written tomorrow night.

Tonight was dad’s birthday, so that was a celebration of dinner and cake.  Its so nice to eat with the family again. Sometimes when you live alone, you forget how nice it is to be with your family at dinner time. I mean lets face it, Little Miss Monroe doesnt really chat to me.. she just sits on the coffee table or at my feet and begs for food… not really great conversation when your eating.

Aside from that… there were more christmas trays to do… and now, finally done.. just a few more to deliver and I can relax.  And, its my last week of work before the holidays, so I have 8 million things running thru my head of what needs to be done before i sign off for the week. Pressure? What pressure? Actually, I think its going alright… guess I find out next week tho when work is shut and Im sitting in the pool.


Tilda said...

You're such a busy body! Trays and hampers look great. Now get yourself better so you can enjoy the holidays since you'll be off work! Who knows, maybe a little vicks rubbed on the bottom of your feet may help:=) couldn't resist mentioning that..and a good hot tub bath..stiff drink or two, you'll be feeling better in no time! Glad you're back on the blog world. Gives us old ladies something to read!

Tilda said...

Love your kindness and xmas spirit. Have a wonderful christmas and enjoy your time off!