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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mice Mice Mice

So, my cat loves to play with plastic mice. She whips them up in the air, plays hockey with them, bats them everywhere possible, catch them with her mouse, and even fetches the mouse for you (if your lucky).

She absol loves her mice.

In fact, the mice all start out the same. But, after a few minutes of Little Miss having the mouse, suddenly there is no tail anymore. And, eventually, there is not fur anymore to the body of the mouse. But, no matter what, they all keep their eyes (which is creepy when you find a bitten piece of plastic with furry pink eyes and sometimes the ears still attached.)

Little Miss also like to hide her mice. Her favorite spot for me to retrieve her mice for her WAS the fridge, but now, since we got a new couch it seems to be this is the new collection depot.

I was looking everywhere for mice the other day to play with Little Miss.  Could not find any. So, Little Miss brought me to the couch so that I could get some from her stash.mice

Guess how many we found.

15 mice.. of different colors, different bite marks, different shades.. but one thing in common.. the tails were much shorter than they were once new. 15 in total.

So, I did what any parent did. I took 12 of them, put them in a drawer, and watched my cat pout at a selection of only 3 now available.

So, I think my cat is a pack rat…. get it… of mice… HAHAHA.


Theresa said...

Cute. Nacho likes to bat things under the book case, where she loses interest in them after about 3 minutes of playing and then forgets about them until we retrieve them, sometimes months later. Then she promptly bats them back under. Cats!

Anonymous said...

She's sooo adorable. Wonder who gave her all those mice to play with????

Lexi Rose V. said...

Thats soooo cute!!! My dog Muffins ate all my cats little blue mice. Then my cat got all mad and tore up Muffins bed.