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Thursday, August 04, 2011

round 2

why is it that certain groups of people just cant seem to get out of the way at the bottom, or top, of the escalator? or the elevator? especially when they are use to groups of people in confined spaces? im not naming the origin of particular people, just always baffles me....

anyway, back to was great to see the people I saw.. but didnt get to see everyone I wanted or intended to see. Oh well, only so much time, adn family priorities snuck their head in.... it was a bit difficult being home... what was once so normal to me all those years ago, just wasnt so normal anymore. it was a bit strange to really feel like a foreigner in my 'home country'.  For the first week, i kept touching the back of the toilet to flush it... almost feel down teh escalator... ya know.. walking to the left and all... I suppose it would be different if i was a true visitor there, as everything would be so new to you that you would be on your toes to all teh differences, but when thats originally where your from, adn most things look the same, but tweeked a bit to be different... it was odd. A few friends even noticed a blank look on my face if we were out together and i wasnt sure about something, they would just help me out or answer for me... adn then we would have a good giggle about it. 

It was nice to be home, see people, and be in the environment, but its feeling nice to know that im on my way home.. to my 'normal' surroundings and to what is all comfy & cozy to me again..and my own bed... oh i cant wait!

well, time to change clothes and chill for a bit before i make my way to the terminal for more sitting... and waiting! thank goodness mom told me about the lounge, certainly made my stop in LAX so much nicer to be at!  moms are so good... and soon I get to see mine again!!!!

photos to come later, when im actually at a spot where im not having to watch my purse, luggage, and time my pee breaks ! HAHAHHA.

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