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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wouldnt you know it?

My cat eats anything I eat. Even butter.  Strange, I know. But, thats how all my cats have been... well not the butter part, but eating whatever I may eat. Back in the day, when Fudge-sicles were my favorite... my beloved Tabby use to like his own ... yep.. his OWN.

Now, Little Miss likes to eat Spam... you know that stuff that 50% of the world hate, but if your from MN, you eat it.. cuz you grew up with it.. and its such a versatile 'meat' product that when on a tight budget, you can make SO many meals to it... yep... Spam.

Well, I didnt realize I have to share it.. but I do.. with my precious Little Miss. Gotta love her. At least, her breath doesnt smell of tuna (at the moment anyway).

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Anonymous said...

I;m pleased that you put the quotation marks around the word meat.