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Monday, February 28, 2011

who wants to come for dinner?

Im really wanting to BBQ... on my weber. Ive been craving the taste of bbq'd food on a weber lately.. and as soon as Im done with this recent task which is keeping me from bbq'n... it will be done. In fact, I can taste that charcoal taste on chicken with some green beans, corn & potatoes... damn... my mouth is watering~

It feels like Im running here, skipping there, and trying to sit my ass still for a moment isnt working. So.. this weekend hopefully looks to be calm... yeah right.

Doesnt it shit you when your friends do some really stupid shit... and all you can do is just shake your head?

Or, you know those moments at work when you give some business advice (being the only one with ANY experience or knowledge) and no one wants to listen.... doesnt that just erk ya?  Oh well, its like slowly watchin an ant run into the ant killer on the cardboard tear off isnt it?

Well, apologies for being slack in my blog. I just dont have the oompf at the moment. And, Im not really in one spot either, so tis been a bit difficult. ..... but the beginning of the month is near, and new beginnings are always good.

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