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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

so slack

so its been forever and a day since i last did a post. sorry. where do I begin? My modem was acting up, my phone kept dying, I have been crazily trying to get all my work done so that we could go on holidays (we close up for a few weeks due to the weather & holidays here in Oz), and just in general have been really busy.

New curtains hung in my room~ they go over the blinds, and really help keep that sun from peeking into my room at 5 am, so Im able to sleep in until 6 on my days off! Yippee. Extra bonus? They have a backing on them to help with keeping the room cooler, so Im not letting all that cool air escape when the A/C is on... nice hey?

Its been hot as anything here. Humidity is crazy. Somedays you get out of the shower and think, Im sure I just showered, but you feel all sticky and drip with sweat. Not a nice look... but the prize is that you know your not the only one feeling that way.

We seem to have company coming from here there and everywhere for the next few weeks. Or months. Depending on how you look at it.  Its great, its crazy, its fun.  And, trying to make sure all your bits are done before they arrive... well, I will let you know how that one goes when I discover what its actually like to have my list done.  Rearranging the house to make an actual extra bedroom rather than the place where the cat sleeps and calls her own.  Moving her futon & fav chair out of the room did NOT earn me any bonus points with the cat. For the first time in 2 weeks, she finally decided to sleep in the OTHER room (where the futon is temp placed) and lay in her usual dipped/ body shaped location on the futon - she just couldnt resist it anymore.  But, Im still dealing with glares and noisy frustrations from her.  Seriously....

My house looks as if I have 30 projects all needing to be done at once.  Its not really visible to anyone else.. but I know its needing to be done.  My handmade stocking for my friend... seriously need to tackle that today.. and laundry.. but how does one do that - its been pissing down rain. Oh wait, the dryer... I use to use my dryer ALL the time in the states.. I barely use it here in Oz, love to hang my stuff to catch the sunshine and dry. But, we have had bouts of rain off and on (more on than off actually) that Im thinking of investing in a rubber ducky to get around town in.  Ya know, one of those GIANT ones... how cool would I look in that paddling down the footpath into town? 

So, apologies (again) for the lack of posts. But, I need to tackle a few things on my list of to do's so I best get cracking at it this morning.  I will keep you posted on life.


Daisy said...

good luck with that list!! :)

GooChick said...

Heat, you have heat? The only heat I have is coming from my radiator! Right now we are in a winter wonderland heatwave of 25 degrees. Well, at least it's still above zero, right?