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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Have you missed me? I certainly have missed you.  But, this one post will be rather quick.  Have you heard of the floods in Australia? Well, thats been my life the last week. Luckily, my area is not as affected as others... we had road closures, possibility of being evacuated, etc... but there are other areas to the north & south of me which have been greatly damaged.. lives lost, homes vanished... terrible.

So, I have been preoccupied with life really.  Thats my excuse. I have been glued to the TV seeing what updates we are getting, as well as cleaning drains, pushing back water, attending to a leaky ceiling, and gathering up a box of supplies to be sent north to those affected by the floods.

And, in these times, I am reminded of ignorance of others. People on FB are posting that the government isnt doing enough... they are whinging that Australia gave $ to Country X, Country Y.. etc.. and where is our help.  HELLO IDIOT...  you cant just come up with a dollar figure 4 days into the floods and expect everyone to give. You need to follow a procedure, a protocol... and action plan. And, if you had ANY ounce of sense you would realize that providing helicopters to fly people off their roofs, drop off food to stranded people, etc costs money.. as well as getting in necessary people to establish shelters and emergency points.  But no, you dont think like that... do you. I would rather that pencil pusher for the govt be busy finding ways to get emergency assistance here NOW and then push numbers a bit later... and thats what they are doing.   I have no time for those that expect a hand out from me & you.... while they sit on their ass... chances are these people arent helping any one in need at the moment... except for themselves... and thats fine.. hopefully Darwinism kicks in at some point.

I think the govt and the people are doing a wonderful task.. people are helping wherever they can (except for the ignoramus' of the world).  If you want more info on the floods... check out these sites:

google any of these keywords:  Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gladstone, Brisbane river, Sunshine Coast... and add the word flooding to it.

Please keep everyone in your thoughts... there are so many lives affected at the moment....

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